About gentlemen.scientists

This blog exists to explore the research interests of a small group of Gentlemen Scientists. Our backgrounds are in computer science and software development (amongst many other things).

Our fascination with science began at an early age, at which time we relied on the support of our parents to fund us. Now we have children of our own, and interesting careers that provide ample funds for all sorts of experiments and projects.

Topics of interest here will include artificial life, computer generated art, complexity, emergence, adaption and related aspects of information theory. Recent events have allowed us to revisit our early experiments from the 1980s and 1990s, so some of these will be shared on this blog as well.

Note however that the curious mind does not respect the artificial boundaries imposed by accepted notions of scientific “disciplines”. We believe that the demise of the polymath or Renaissance man is a sad side-effect of our modern obsession with specialization.

We will endeavour to revive the old ways by allowing ourselves to digress, as often as we like, into areas such as cognitive science, philosophy, rap music, Russian literature and the merits of slow-cooked goat curry.


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